2009 LA Auto Show: Bob Lutz Keynote

General Motors hosted 52-minute video.

By EV World Television

NOTE: If video doesn't play, use this GM link

Making it clear from the outset, that he would not talk about the resignation of Fritz Henderson in the follow-up press "scrum," Bob Lutz focuses his attention on emphasizing the industries need to no longer be dependent on petroleum to fuel its products, beginning with GM's partnership with REVA in India to jointly develop electric cars for their market.

Lutz says he sees "gold" still to be mined in the improvement of the IC engine, increasingly the focus is on hybrid technologies, biofuels in general and cellulosic ethanol in particular, stressing it is important to take the "fuel vs food" argument out of the automotive equation. The Equinox

But for GM, he states, the technology that generates the most excitement in California and globally, and on which GM is working very hard, is "electrically driven vehicles," specifically the Chevrolet Volt E-REV.

"Movie titles to the contrary, the electric car is far from dead at GM," he stressed, adding that Chris Paine, the director of "Who Killed the Electric Car" would be the "first to tell you that."

Lutz's addresses begins some 14 minutes into the 52-minute video.

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Published: 04-Dec-2009


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