Reinventing Michigan

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm addresses 'The Business of Plugging In' conference Oct 21, 2009.

By EV World Television

Half of all the U.S. Federal government stimulus funds for battery technology development and manufacture has been allocated to the State of Michigan, explains its Governor, Jennifer Granholm in her opening remarks prior to the last morning panel discussion at "The Business of Plugging In" conference last October 21, 2009 in Detroit.

Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the country and has a severe budget crisis, but it still needs to invest in its future, she asserts.

"You cannot hunker down and play defense," she states. "This is why we have committed over the next few years a billion dollars to be able to partner with battery companies and OEMs to be able to make those breakthrough technologies happen here."

She argues that no longer will Michigan and its auto industry be viewed as Luddites, resisting change such as CAFE standards.

"We intend to lead the nation... We're hungry. We have the work force. We have the capacity. We have the supply chain. We have the universities that are second to none. You have a government-industry partnership... utilities... to make it a success."

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Published: 10-Dec-2009


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