EV Cup iRacer computer illustration
One of the future competitors in the EV Cup racing series will be the iRacer, an open wheel race car powered exclusively by batteries.

EV Cup Electric Car Racing Coming in 2011

Future in Motion podcast interview with EV Cup co-founder Sylvain Filippi

By Ev World Podcast

If all goes well, in 2011 the green flag will drop on the newly-formed EV Cup race series and electric vehicle road racing in Europe will become a reality. When that happens the scream of super-charged engines will be superseded by the whine of electric motors and squealing tires.

Today our guest is Sylvain Filippi, the co-founder of the EV Cup located in London. With five companies already committed to race and more in the wings, electric cars from street legal machines to open wheel racers like the iRacer computer illustration above will be hitting the racing circuit.

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Published: 21-Jan-2010


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