Lightning Electric Superbike
Record-breaking Lightning electric Superbike at Bonneville Salt Flats in October 2009. It's top speed was officially clocked at 166.388 mph.

Batteries Are Now His Biz 2.0

MP3 interview with developer of the World's fastest production electric motorcycle

By Bill Moore

With his passion electric two-wheelers -- high-performance motorcycles and utilitarian motors scooters -- it is only natural that Richard Hatfield would also take a serious interest in batteries. So, I wasn't surprised when he called to let me know he was launching Alliance Renewable Energy, a battery distribution business built around his relationship with Thundersky, the Chinese battery maker, as well as several other firms he now represents, including American battery management system maker, Elithion, in Boulder, CO.

I asked him if he'd mind my setting up my digital recorder and conducting an impromptu interview; a request he kindly granted. I began by asking him the status of his electric motorcycle efforts, the most recent status. His Lightning superbike had just flashed across the desert salt flats at Bonneville at better than 160 mph, making it the fastest production electric motorcycle on the planet, as of this writing. He now has begun taking orders for a street version.

Next, the 45-45-45 motor scooter that I rode a year ago, should be available for sale by late spring or early summer. The moniker stands for 45 mph, 45 miles range and $4,500 dollars. It too will be lithium battery powered.

Having missed the TTXGP race on the Isle of Man in 2009, Hatfield is planning to run it this year, as well as its companion event at the Infineon raceway in Sonoma.

We then turned our attention to the main reason for the call, his new battery business. You can learn all about it by listening to the MP3 podcast, available for both Windows and Mac OS using the links in the center column of this page. You can also download the file to your computer for transfer to and playback on your favorite MP3 device. EV World 'Future In Motion' podcasts are also available on Apple iTunes.

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Published: 20-Mar-2010


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