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The first Coulomb Technologies public charging station in Miami will go online in the next couple weeks, with goal to have many other operational by years end.

Public Charging: The Promise and the Problems

Andy Kinard shares his experiences in building out a public charging infrastructure

By EV World Audio Production

Andy Kinard and his colleagues at Car Charging Group, Inc. see the future and its electric. But getting from here to there not only offers them opportunities, it also poses its share of challenges from logistics to just plain of government red tape. After more than a decade with Florida Power and Light, during which time he was involved with FPL's electric car initiative, he decided to form the company, merging with a publicly traded shell company and acquiring the rights to sell and service Coulomb Technology charging stations, starting in the South Florida area.

Headquartered in Miami, Kinard hopes to have his first public charging station in place within the next couple of weeks. It has been an educational exercise in patience and dealing with both businesses and local governments. Car Charging Group isn' the first endeavor to install charging stations in Florida. Four Coulomb public stations are operational in central Florida around the Orlando and Tampa-St. Petersburg areas, according to Coulomb's Google map directory.

In this exclusive EV World 'Future In Motion' podcast interview, Kinard discusses his experiences in identifying where to install public charging stations and how to deal with issues like not being able to "resell" electricity in the state of Florida. At the moment, he circumvents this problem, by charging by the "session," though he recognizes that at some point, the law is going to have to be changed to either allow power resales or FPL will enter the business itself.

The 9.91MB MP3 interview is some 22-minutes in length. You can listen to it using either the QuickTime or Windows Media Player links in the center column to the right. You can also download the file to your hard drive to playback on your favorite MP3 device. EV World "Future In Motion" podcasts are also available free from Apple iTunes.

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Published: 24-Mar-2010


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