Calin Gologan with Elektra One
Calin Cologan poses with Elektra One all-electric sport plane, destined to compete in 2011 NASA/CAFE green aircraft competition.

Meet the Father of the Elektra One

MP3 interview with PC Aero founder and aeronautical engineer Calin Gologan

By EV World Audio Production

Romanian-born Calin Gologan moved to Germany 21 years ago as an aeronautical engineer who has gradually found himself being drawn ever closer into the orbit of our EV world. He has applied his engineering insights on the Yuneec electric plane in China and the Solar Impulse in Switzerland. But it wasn't until an all-electric propulsion system for hang gliders caught his attention at an air show a year ago that he began to develop the concept for a family of electric sport aircraft, the first manifestation of which debuted in Friedrichafen, Germany last week.

The Elektra One is a single-seat, all-composite, lithium battery-powered sport aircraft that will have a flight endurance of up to 3 hours, initially, and with more advanced batteries, up to 4 hours. It is the precursor of a future two-place machine and eventually, a four-place, all-electric commuter aircraft.

In this exclusive 'Future In Motion' MP3 podcast, EV World publisher Bill Moore speaks with Gologan from Germany about his aircraft, his vision of a green flight village where the planes are recharged on sunlight, and the synergy between electric planes and electric cars.

The 35-minute discussion is available by using either of the two MP3 players to the right, or by downloading it to your computer hard drive and transferring it to your favorite MP3 device.

More information on PC Aero and the Elektra One are available on the company's web site, as well as on EV World.

EVWORLD Future In Motion Podcast

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Published: 15-Apr-2010


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