Toyota Advance Vehicles Briefing

Four video presentations by Toyota representatives from 2010 Sustainable Mobility Seminar, La Jolla, CA.

By EV World Video Productions

"The market's hard mother," Bill Reinert said as he pointed towards an aqua oval labelled "Prius PHV" on a slide that was part of Toyota's technical presentation. He explained that the band to to left represented the size of the market for a conventional hybrid like the Prius. Even with its relatively small battery pack, the PHV fell well outside the price band that Toyota research suggests most consumers will accept.

Reinert, known for his candor and frankness, was wrapping up a series of presentations by Toyota representatives at the opening of the 2010 Sustainable Mobility Seminar the company funds. Open to selected media members, including EV World, this month's event is the second of its type; the first being held the fall of 2008 in Portland, Oregon.

The purpose of these seminars is to familiarize the media on research Toyota engages in in order to determine future market forces from technology to energy to environment to government policy. Toyota invites respected academics and analysts to talk to the assembly reporters about their research and findings, especially in terms of energy supply and demand, as well as urban planning and growth. Video of those presentations will be available, as well, here on EV World.

With Reinert leading off and closing, Jaycee Chitwood, Mary Nickerson and Craig Scott, all from Toyota, each discuss an aspect of the company's advanced vehicle programs, specifically the Prius PHV and FCHV-adv vehicles. The PHV -- short of plug-in hybrid vehicle -- is a modified 2010 Toyota Prius that has a maximum electric driving range of 13 miles at speeds up to 62 mph. (By comparison, EV World's LIVN GRN 2009 Prius, with its PICC conversion kit, will travel up to 20+ miles in 'blended' EV-mode at up to 70 mph.)

EV World video recorded all four presentations, starting with Bill Reinert's, followed by Jaycee Chitwood, Mary Nickerson and Craig Scott. Ms. Chitwood discusses Toyota's PHV demonstration program in North America. Ms. Nickerson gives the technical brief on the car. Mr. Scott focuses on Toyota's fuel cell program and the FCHV-adv vehicle.

EV World expresses its appreciation for Toyota inviting us to attend the seminar and paying our expenses, as well as permitting us to video record the proceedings.

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Published: 19-Apr-2010


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