Denis Hayes: The Revolution 40 Years On

The organizer of Earth Day speaks at gala dinner on eve of its 40th Anniversary.

By Ev World Video Productions

Time magazine recognized Denis Hayes as a Hero of the Planet, but that's just one of his many accolades. Senator Gaylord Nelson recruited the Harvard graduate to organize that has become the planet's largest annual environmental celebration, one still co-ordinated by Earth Day Network.

This year, on the 40th Anniversary of its founding, Hayes was the closing speaker in a stellar quartet of environmental luminaries including Sir Richard Branson, former Ireland president Mary Robinson, and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, who addressed an audience of entrepreneurs, environmentalists, venture capitalists, and NGOs in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. on the eve of Earth Day.

He speaks about the changes that have occurred since that first even drew two million people out into the streets to call for improved environmental policy that led to not only the creation of America's EPA, but also series of laws to protect the air we breath, the water we drink, the soil on which we depend.

EV World extends its deep appreciation to Jigar and Khushali Shah, the Carbon War Room, the Electrification Coalition, and the Earth Day Network for permitting us to record this important event on behalf of EV World viewers worldwide.

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Published: 23-Apr-2010


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