Jose Maria Figueres
Jose Maria Figueres now serves as Chairman of the Carbon War Room, whose charter is to mobilize the forces of capitalism to tackle climate change.

Five Creating Climate Wealth Viewpoints

Creating Climate Wealth Summit opening plenary session panel

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David Steiner is the CEO of Waste Management. Craig Cogut heads Pegasus Capital, a leading cleantech investment firm. Sara Greenstein leads Underwriter Lab's green strategies. Jose Maria Figueres is the former President of Costa Rica and CEO of the World Economic Forum. Richard Branson is chairman of the Virgin Group. Each has their own perspective on the importance of responding to the threats posed by man-made climate change and the business opportunities such action represents.

The panel is moderated by author and eco-strategist Andrew Winston, with introduction by Carbon War Room CEO Jigar Shah.

Perhaps the most cogent comment of the session came from President Figueres when he noted that since governments don't lead, but follow, it is up to the private sector, businesses large and small, to entrepreneurs, to lead the charge.

"This is our fight. This is our opportunity; our chance to step up to the plate and bat," he stresses.

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Craig Cogut

Sara Greenstein

David Steiner

Richard Branson

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Published: 13-May-2010


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