Q&A: Drivers of Mobility Change

Follow on question & answer session from Sustainable Mobility Seminar

By EV World Video Productions

With Urban Institute founder Gordon Feller acting as moderator, Drs. Mickely Glantz, Frank Wolak, William Shutkin and Michael Dettinger respond questions during the 2010 Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar in this three part video.

Starting off with Dr. Shutkin, the question of who is responsible for implimenting the shift towards a more sustainable system of mobility focuses on the role of local communities. While in the U.S. -- and abroad -- federal governments are instituting policies to encourage that change, it really is up to local governments to make it happen in a meaningful way.

On the subject of political dialogue and climate skepticism, Dr. Glantz explains how he used to classify people as one of three types of birds: "hawks" like Al Gore and Jim Hansen at one end of the spectrum and "doves" at the other who see Gaia, the planet, solving the problem and mankind somehow struggling through the change. "Owls", he says are the "good skeptics" who have an open mind to the science. He states that when the Bush Administration came into office, he added a fourth fowl: "ostriches."

To view all three parts of this media question and answer session, click the open book icon on the Blip TV player, and click the episodes tab.

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Published: 16-May-2010


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