Governors panel at WindPower 2010 Conference
Governors Stickland, Culver and Ritter participate in panel discussion at 2010 Windpower conference.

Three Governors' Views of Wind Power in 2010

MP3 recording of May 24, 2010 press conference at WindPower 2010

By EV World Audio Production

The following podcast was recorded during the WindPower 2010 Conference and Exhibition and features the comments of the Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio, Governor Chet Culver of Iowa and Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado discussing the role of wind power in their respective states.

The last time EV World attended the WindPower conference, it was held in Denver, Colorado. In the intervening years, the industry has gone from the margins into the mainstream, but many of the concerns remain the same, especially America's inconsistent national renewable energy policy, underscored by the stop-start nature of the Production Tax Credit and stalled federal renewable energy portfolio standards.

This recording likely will be of value to individuals interested in wind energy development, especially in the United States, which remains, as of 2009, the largest producer of electricity from wind power in the world, just barely edging out China. America's total gigawatts wind power generated electricity will, in all probability, be eclipsed by China in 2010 at the current rate of investment in Asia.

This content-rich, 30-minute dialogue is punctuated in several places by audio picked up by an inadvertently open microphone. A service technician arrived to inspect our heat pump during the recording. Our apologies to your listeners and the Governors for any distractions.

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Published: 25-May-2010


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