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Presentation at the IPQC's inaugural Electric Vehicle Consumer Adaption Summit

By EV World Media Productions

What you are about to see and hear is the first 'mixed media' presentation EV World has ever offered. It mates audio recorded during EV World publisher Bill Moore's presentation a the IQPC's inaugural Electric Vehicle Consumer Adoption Summit, held June 22-23, 2010 in San Francisco, California and the slides used in that 45-minute talk.

When he was invited to speak at the event, the organizers asked him to discuss a topic that is probably about as difficult to predict as the cost curve on electric car batteries, as is demonstrated by some of the free-wheeling comments from the audience.

In his talk, Moore looks at the projections of both Cambridge Energy Research Associates, led by Daniel Yergin, author of acclaimed book, 'The Prize,' and the Association for the Study of Peak Oil, ASPO for short. He examines the question of how much oil America produces and why the fields out in the Gulf of Mexico are so important and, in the long view, so futile.

Taking his que from T.E. Lawrence, he proposes seven pillars of energy cooperation and then examines the feasibility of someday powering most of the cars in America with solar power; ending with this final thought: "We will either fight over the last drop of oil, or we will celebrate it -- the choice is ours to make."

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Published: 24-Jun-2010


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