Accelerating the Future

Video highlights from the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize

By EV World Editorial Staff

It has to be said that the trio of vehicles that won the Automotive X Prize did so through perseverance, great engineering and no small bit of good luck. This video highlights many of the more than 100 teams who competed for the $10 million prize. While only three survived the grueling competition, most felt they found the experience rewarding, as is illustrated by the comments of Aptera's chief engineer when he notes that the company has accomplished a year's worth of engineering validation in 3-months.

The next challenge is for the teams to move their technology beyond the competition, to refine it and find a workable business model, as well as investors, that will enable them to successfully commercialize their efforts. EV World will follow those efforts with keen attention.

Congratulations to all the teams who got as far as they did. We commend you for your courage and sacrifices to help mankind "Accelerate the Future."

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Published: 17-Sep-2010


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