ParkPod: Hilton's Newest Amenity

Skype video dialogue with ParkPod's U.S. Vice President, James Schaffer

By EV World Media Productions

When you now pull into the Hilton in San Francisco's Financial District and you're driving an electric vehicle, be it a Tesla Roadster, a legacy RAV4 EV, or a soon-to-be-for-sale Chevy Volt or Nissan LEAF, their valet parking will offer to have the car's battery topped off at no charge.

Located in the Ace parking garage adjacent to the Hilton is a brand new, blue and silver ParkPod two-point EVSE (electric vehicle service equipment), otherwise known as a electric car charging station. It's twin J1772 plugs means it can service two vehicles at the same time. There's even a 110 outlet for older electric vehicles and conversions. The first vehicle to use it was, in fact, a Prius plug-in conversion.

In this SKYPE video conference, we talk with James Schaffer, ParkPod's U.S. VP for marketing about this German-American company, that has installed its first North American charger as a collaborative effort between his company, the Hilton hotel chain and Ace Parking Management, operators of parking garage.

The 24-minute video recorded using SKYPE is divided into multiple segments so it can be archived on various video hosting venues. Be sure to watch each segment in sequence.

Thanks for James Schaffer and ParkPod for participating. If your firm would like to conduct similar video conferences with EV World, let us know at editor@evworld.com. All you need is a free Skype account, a web camera and a high-speed internet connection.

ParkPod EVSE in parking garage adjacent to Hilton San Francisco Financial District.

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Published: 05-Oct-2010


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