Current Takes Charge of its Future

Skype video dialogue with Peter Scott, president of Current Motors.

By EV World Video Productions

More than one would-be EV entrepreneur has been burned trying to import Asian-made electric scooters, and John Harding, one of the co-founders of Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Current Motors, was no exception. The machines he imported from China simply didn't meet the performance expectations most Americans, nor was the quality up to US standards.

The solution was to develop a machine that did meet customer expectations for performance and quality by carefully sourcing key scooter components and then assembling them in Michigan. While the parts still come from China, the final product is made in America… all six of them.

Current Motors is, after all, a very young company that came into being just 24 months ago, but delivered its first prototype machine to a customer in Atlanta, Georgia in just 18-months time. It has since delivered several more improved 'beta' machines to test customers in Michigan and Wisconsin.

In this 23-minute conversation with Peter Scott, the company president, we not only learn more about the company and its three versions, but also about the market for scooters in North America and the company's aspirations to eventually tackle the European and even Asian markets once it's established a firm 'beach head' here.

Trio of Current Motors battery-electric motor scooters offer significantly lower overall operational costs than gas competitors

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Published: 30-Nov-2010


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