NAIAS Video: Lexus CT 200h

Video clip of new Lexus CT 200h on turntable at 2011 Detroit auto show.

By EV World Video Productions

The newest addition to the Lexus family of luxury hybrids, the CT 200h was introduced in September 2010, but made its initial debut in Detroit at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. This video is a short clip showing it on the rotating turntable typically reserved for special product launches. The car has a base sticker price of $29,100. It is the first to incorporate what Lexus describes as a "powerful new evolution of Lexus’ unique L finesse design philosophy."

According to company specifications, the hybrid drive system has a total system output of 134 h.p. (100 kW) that offers 0-60 mph acceleration in under 10 seconds, while offering an estimated EPA fuel economy of 42 mpg. It's electric drive system and battery can propel the car up to one mile at a top speed of 28 mph in electric-only mode.

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Published: 13-Jan-2011


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