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Venturi Automobiles Come to North America

Video from NAIAS press conference in Detroit on January 11, 2011

By EV World Video Productions

Ten years ago, Gildo Pallanca Pastor bought a defunct race car company called Venturi. His ultimate aim was to use it as a launch platform to build electric vehicles starting with an exciting battery-powered sports car at least two years before Tesla's Roadster. That car, priced in the $400,000 range, caused a sensation at the Paris Auto Show and gave Pastor the impetus to think even bigger and bolder. Venturi would introduce two totally unique solar-powered electric vehicles: the Eclectic and Astrolab.

The Fetish was followed by the Volage, powered by Michelin's ActivWheel technology. Like his personal hero, Camille Jenatzy, the first man to travel faster than 100 km/h (62 mph), Pastor is jamais content -- "never satisfied." He equipped a Citroen Berlingo with an all-electric drive that carried two French nationals from Shanghai to Paris last year, and propelled Ohio State University's Buckeye Bullet to speeds over 300 mph at Bonneville Salt Flats.

While his factory in France produces 200 of the Berlingo vans a month for the French postal service, La Poste, he has now set his sights on North America, establishing in late 2010, Venturi North America, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

In this two-part video, he and his associates introduce the company, several of its stars and its new Venturi America High Voltage dune buggy concept car to the assembled media, starting with a high-amperage video.

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Published: 13-Jan-2011


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