Engineering Volvo's Crash Safe Electric Car

Exclusive video conversation with Volvo's Jan Ivarsson on the C30 Electric

By EV World Video Productions

After protecting passengers in a car crash, next on the engineering safety priority list for any electric car is its high voltage battery pack. You don't want them or their rescuers being electrocuted, nor do you want the back to short and go into a thermal runaway, consuming itself and anything around it a temperatures of molten metal.

That's why Volvo, renowned for its focus on engineering safe automobiles, made a crashed C30 one of the key elements in its exhibit area at the 2011 Detroit auto show, bringing along Jan Ivarsson, their senior manager for safety Strategy and Requirements. EV World's Bill Moore sat down with him to talk about key aspects of their crash safety program as its pertains to electric cars, of which Volvo is planning to build 250 all-electric versions of the C30.

We also spoke with Lennart Stegland, who oversees Volvo's electric vehicle program. That video will be released at a later date.

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Published: 27-Jan-2011


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