How to Drive From Shanghai-to-Paris in an EV

EV World exclusive video interview with Xavier Chevrin on history-making drive.

By EV World Video Productions

In the Spring of 2010, Xavier Chevrin and Geraldine Gabin set out from Shanghai, China in a specially modified Citroen Berlingo equipped with a trio of ZEBRA sodium chloride batteries and an electric drive by Venturi Automobiles. After literally months of travel, stopping every night to recharge the vehicle, the couple arrived in Paris, setting a record for the longest, un-assisted, single vehicle drive in an EV. Apart from one flat tire, the vehicle performed flawlessly, accumulating some 16,000 km across deserts, mountains, and steppes arriving in Paris in the late Summer.

In this 20-minute plus video, divided into two parts for archiving purposes on YouTube and Yahoo, EV World's publisher literally sits down the record setting vehicle to talk with Chevrin about his adventure.

Now this history-making trip behind him, he want now to drive "Cape-to-Cape", meaning starting at the Cape of Good Hope at the tip of Africa, traveling up to Siberia and across to Alaska and down to the tip of South America ending at Cape Horn; again, all on electric power only.

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Published: 07-Feb-2011


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