Daniela Desormeaux, president of SignumBOX in Santiago, Chile
Daniela Desormeaux, president of SignumBOX in Santiago, Chile.

The Low-down on Lithium

EV World Dialogue conversation via Skype with SignumBOX president Daniela Desormeaux

By EV World Video Productions

Trained as an economist with special focus on mineral resources, Daniela Desormeaux and her two year-old company, signumBOX, tracks the lithium mining and refining industry from her base in Santiago, Chile, home of Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile S.A, or SQM, the world's largest lithium producer, for whom she worked for five years.

In this Skype video interview available to Premium subscribers, Bill Moore talks with her about the lithium industry and what are its prospects as the demand for lithium carbonate, used in electric car batteries, grows. She and her team have identified, to date, and are tracking a total of 83 new lithium ventures worldwide, some 54-55% of which are planning to exploit lithium-rich brine deposits, currently the lowest cost source for the metal, and the remaining group hard rock deposits. It is her opinion, that the majority of these projects will ultimately fail for reasons she discusses during the interview.

Desormeaux also believes the industry, which she sees experiencing 7% growth for several decades to come, as having over estimated the impact that the development of electric cars powered by lithium batteries will have on the market for lithium carbonate.

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Published: 17-Feb-2011


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