30 Million Annually and Growing

2011 EBWR focuses on global E-bike industry

By EV World

In 2010, annual electric-assist bicycle sales crossed the 1 million units mark in Europe for the very first time, but that only represents 1/30th of global sales in what is becoming a very important segment of the EV world.

That's just some of the intriguing findings found in the 2011 edition of the Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports, first launched in 1995 as a research effort by Dr. Frank Jamerson at the request of Dr. Malcolm Currie, the founder of Currie Electric Bicycles. Jamerson, a retired senior executive who headed up General Motor's advanced technology research efforts, turned his interests toward tracking developments of the then-newly-emerging world of electric two-wheelers.

The report, available from the EBWR.com, is published biennially with annual 30-page updates. It covers industry developments since the last update with forecasts for the next 24 months, according to Dr. Jamerson, who holds a degree in nuclear physics and a career that includes work on the first hydrogen bomb and the reactor for the first atomic-powered nuclear submarine: the USS Nautilus.

After a distinguished career with GM, he decided to focus his efforts on creating one of the first electric bicycle companies in America, discovering that he was at least a decade ahead of his time. Now, with more than 30 million e-bikes and scooters projected to be sold this year alone, he and his associates are clearly riding the crest of a technical and societal wave, with promising new markets forecast to develop in Africa and South America in the coming years.

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Published: 06-Apr-2011


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