Bringing Electric Cars to the Masses

Four-part Volvo Innovations Towards Zero experts panel at Sweden House, Washington, D.C.

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On June 9, 2011, Volvo Cars and Ener1, the lithium battery supplier for its C30 Electric initiative, invited government, industry and media representatives to the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. for a morning long program entitled "Innovations Towards Zero." Speakers at the event included the president of Volvo Cars, Stefan Jacoby; Lennart Stiglan, the president of Volvo's Special Vehicles division, Charles Gassenheimer, the Chairman and CEO of Ener1, Patrick Davis with the U.S. Energy Department; and NHTSA's chief counsel, Kevin Vincent. The keynote speaker was former United States Senator Byron Dorgan. All of these remarks are archived here on EV World.

Following their presentations, Dr. Jeff Runge, the former head of NHTSA and Department of Homeland Security's first Chief Medical Officer, moderated a 40 minute panel discussion, one sheds additional insights into the attitudes and personal perspectives of the speakers. Questions posed started with, What will it take to produce electric cars for the masses, moving EVs beyond a small affluent niche market?

Due to the length of the panel discussion, we have broken it into four approximately 10-minute segments, ordered in succession. We encourage you to view the entire program as you have time. The video is also available on YouTube. One technical note, during segment one, the auto focus on the video briefly malfunctioned.

EV World expresses its appreciation for permitting us to record the event on behalf of our readers/listners/viewers.

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Published: 28-Jul-2011


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