Chad Hall
Chall Hall, VP of Sales, holds one of Ioxus ultracapacitors destined for use in wind turbines and hybrid buses.

Ioxus: North America's Newest Ultracap Maker

Interview with Ioxus VP of Sales Chad Hall

By EV World Audio

Located in Oneonta, New York, Ioxus is said to be the only North American-based manufacturer of ultracapacitors, energy storage devices that can be rapid charged and discharged, while being able to undergo tens of thousands of cycles without physical degradation.

The company, originally launched as a spin-off of an older capacitor manufacturer, recently moved into the former Soccer Hall of Fame in the Upstate New York community. According to its Vice President of Sales, Chad Hall, the company is growing rapidly, producing 20,000 pieces monthly, which should be ramped up to 100,000 units by the end of 2011.

EV World spoke with Hall by telephone about what he sees is the roll for ultracapacitors in electric-drive vehicles, especially since they would seem an ideal candidate for provide the quick bursts of power an EV would need for acceleration and for absorbing large flows of power back into the device from an EV's regenerative braking system.

While such ultracapacitor-battery hybrid systems are of interest to many companies, including Ioxus, Hall says there are even more immediate uses for the devices in EV subsystems including electric power steering and automotive computer system power backup.

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Published: 05-Aug-2011


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