Ecotality DC Direct Charging station.
Ecotality DC Direct Charging station is capable of providing an electric car with 80% state of charge in 30 minutes.

Plugging In Knoxville

MP3 interview with Jake Tisinger, Knoxville Sustainability Coordinator

By EV World Audio

Jake Tisinger has been on the job as the city of Knoxville's Sustainability Coordinator, a position that is new for many communities across America. The difference is, his state and community has been selected for the installation of federally-funded public charging stations.

At the moment, the city is planning to create a strategically dispersed network of Ecotality Blink chargers and at the moment are negotiating the fine print with the goal being more than 30 Level II chargers that can provide cars like the Nissan LEAF, which also will be built in Tennessee eventually.

In this 30-minute EV World Future In Motion podcast, Tisinger discusses how the city is handling the task of selecting the locations for public chargers based on the principle of 'Live - Work - Play.' At the moment, there are two public chargers in the city at the Crown Plaza Hotel.

To listen to this interview, use either of the two embedded MP3 players in the right-hand column: Quicktime and Windows Media Player. Find out what's being done at the grassroots level of building out America's EV infrastructure.

EVWORLD Future In Motion Podcast

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Published: 17-Aug-2011


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