Ray Valenzuela (L) Bob Casper (R)
Ray Valenzuela (left) with Bob Casper (right) in Skype video conference call with EV World.

EV Instruments Discovers Its Calling

MP3 audio interview with Kansas City-based EV display makers

By EV World Audio

Like many businesses, EV Instruments started out as a hobby two years ago and is now finding rapidly growing demand for its product. And what exactly is that product? An amazing array of digital electric vehicle displays as depicted in the photos below. What started as an effort by a key employee to know what was happening to the battery back in his converted electric car has grown over time into a serious business that Bob Casper and Ray Valenzuela see as evolving from instrument displays for hobbyists to larger, well-known fleet operators who are finding a need for the same information but in the context of their commercial operations.

Typically, someone who has built or converted an electric car or truck needs to know how much energy (volts) is in the battery and how fast they are using it (amps). Originally, this was done with simple voltage and Amp meters, but these didn't reveal what was going on inside the battery at the module and cell-level. Sensors could be installed and information on battery cell temperature, as well as voltages, could be relayed to the driver. So also could GPS information with the inclusion of a GPS chip that could be utilized to calculate speed, distance, direction; even the location of available charging stations. Quickly the available amount of information outpaced the simple analog displays, creating a need for a multi-function, multi-display system.

Enter EV Instruments MiMod, which includes the a touch screen computer, the displays of which can be customized, as well as the associated "black boxes" that collect and analyze the torrent of information streaming into the system.

In this 30-minute "Future In Motion" podcast, Casper and Valenzuela talk more about their technology and how it's evolved from the early hobby days to a business enterprise now serving the needs of large corporate fleet customers. The interview was conducted via Skype, the video portion of which only worked the last minute or so of the interview, so we've converted the file to MP3, which EV World premium subscribers ($49/yr) can listen to using either of the two MP3 players embedded in the right-hand column, or they can download the 4.3MB file to their computer for playback on their favorite MP3-compatible devise.

EV Instruments

EV Instruments MiMod Sensor Unit
MiMod Sensor Unit

EV Instruments MiMod Computer
MiMod Computer

EV Instruments MiMod Digital Gauges
MiMod Digital Gauges

EV Instruments MiMod Digital Instrument Panel
MiMod Custom Digital Instrument Panel

EVWORLD Future In Motion Podcast

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Published: 18-Aug-2011


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