Under current law, Chevy Volts would not be legally allowed to use these public chargers in San Francisco.
Under current law, Chevy Volts legally would not be allowed to use these public chargers in San Francisco.

Chelsea Rides Again!

MP3 interview with Chelsea Sexton on AB475

By EV World Audio

To look at petite Chelsea Sexton with her warm smile and disarming demeanor, you'd never take her for a "rabble rouser." But under those long, flaming red tresses is a rambunctious spirit determined to see that right is done, especially when it comes to the cause of the electric car.

Ever since she appeared as the ingenue in Chris Payne's "Who Killed the Electric Car?," she has found herself thrust into the limelight. Now she's back in the spotlight again, this time in the middle of yet another tiff with General Motors over what should have been a non-controversial piece of legislation that would make it easier for Chevrolet Volt owners to use charging stations around California.

A 2002 California law stipulates that only ZEVs -- zero emission vehicles or battery EVs -- are permitted to park in spots where charging stations are installed. The intention was to keep non-electric interlopers from blocking access to the chargers when EV owners arrived to recharge their cars.

AB475, initially written in collaboration with GM, would expand the definition to include electric hybrids like the Volt. At some unknown point in the process -- at least to Mrs. Sexton and her colleagues at Plug In America -- the wording of the law was changed ever so slightly, but enough to cause the Southern California mother and EV activist to raise the alarm with both the sponsoring legislator's office and with GM.

Here's where the bill stands now as of August 25, 2011 and what Chelsea fears will happen if it is signed into law in California.

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To send an email in support (or opposition) of AB475, click the following link: Office of Governor Jerry Brown. To read Chelsa's blog, click on EVCHELS.

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Published: 25-Aug-2011


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