Mission Motors' New Mission

Virtual Hot Spot Tour of Electric Superbike Developer

By EV World Video

When it debuted its electric superbike, Mission Motors caused a stir not unlike that when Tesla unveiled the Roadster. Here was an viscerally-stirring new design propelled by an exciting new power source: electricity.

Then after a brief flurry of media hoopla and racing records, the company seemed to suddenly shift gears, abandoning plans to build its Tesla-priced superbike to focus instead on exploiting its engineering expertise.

In this two-part 18-minute video shot in the company's lobby, David Salguero, the marketing manager, provides insights into Mission's new mission. Secrets and construction kept him from taking EV World on a tour of the two-story facility in downtown San Francisco. The second floor is where the company offices are house, while the street level is devoted to test labs and shops, including a new battery lab currently under construction.

The video is divided into two segments that should be viewed in sequence. In part one Salguero shows us the technology that is an outgrowth of the superbike program. In part two, we get to see the bike that started it all. This is the second in series of Virutal Hot Spot Tours that began with Zero Motors. Next up: LIT Motors and its innovative self-balancing cycle car.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

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Published: 05-Oct-2011


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