The Future Face of Mobility

Keynote presentation to American Technical Education Association

By Bill Moore

First a disclaimer. The following presentation wasn't to the entire American Technical Education Association or even all of the delegates to the Region 5 conference held this week in Omaha, Nebraska. In fact it was about a dozen delegates from the midwest who chose for one of their remote breakout sessions to come listen to presentations on natural gas and electric vehicles on the industrial training campus of Metropolitan Community College in Omaha on October 7, 2011.

Prior to the presentation you are about to hear, Deeno Boosalis with Omaha Public Power District, discussed the municipal electric power company's strategy for eventually dealing with the slow, but steady influx of plug-in electric vehicles or PEVs, starting with the utility's brand new Chevrolet Volt. It is one of some 60 Volts being deployed among 40 utilities in cooperation with EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, CA., to better understand the impact plug-ins will have on the local power grid.

EV World's Bill Moore followed up with a presentation intended to show the educators present where the future of mobility appears, at the moment, to be headed. The video amalgamates his Apple Keynote slides with the audio recorded during his presentation, which is just over 30-minutes in length.

At least one correction to his presentation needs to be made. The August 2010 traffic jam into Beijing involved some 14,000 motor vehicles, but stretched an estimated 75 miles. It took 5 days to clear up.

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Published: 07-Oct-2011


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