Gail Hendrickson, EVAA
"There are thirty-eight states currently and the District of Columbia that have adapted EV-related incentives, and last year six states enacted EV-friendly laws."

EV Incentives: Where They're At Today

Gail Hendrickson, Associate Director, Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas

By EVWorld

"For those of you that don't know, there are currently incentives in place for electric vehicles that were put in place by the Energy Policy Act in 1992," explained EVAA Associate Director Gail Hendrickson. "There's a federal tax credit, ten percent up to four thousand dollars on the purchase of an electric vehicle. It's available to business and individuals."

Ms. Hendrickson enumerated for the audience at EPRI's Smart Solutions 2001 conference the various federal and state incentive programs in place to encourage the development and operation of electric-powered and hybrid vehicles, some of which are scheduled to sunset as early as 2004.

If federal incentives are in doubt, state ones aren't it appears. "This year there have been twenty-six states introduce over thirty-six bills... A lot of the work is really happening at the state and local level," she explains in this 14:51 minute long audio presentation.

You will need the free Real Player plugin in order to listen to the rest of her remarks.

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Published: 30-Jun-2001


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