Enertube For Fun and Profit

Trexa's Seth Seaberg talks with EV World about Enertube E-Drive

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Back in the corner of Santa Monica's civic center hangs the chassis of a dune buggy. Below it, squatting on the scuffed wooden floor sits a long steel torque tube, at the ends of which are a pair of heavy duty electric motors, controllers and heavy lug, off-road tires. Mounted inside the tube, which is the spin of the vehicle, are its batteries. It's a brilliantly simply concept, one that Trexa LLC hopes to produce for anyone (read defense, utilities, and law enforcement) needing a rugged, virtually silent, infrared-invisible vehicle, manned or robotic.

The 180 cylindrical lithium iron phosphate cells mounted in the tube give the system its 100 volt rating, which is sufficient for most non-road applications.

Trexa calls the design Enertube and in this 18-minute video, Seaberg talks -- despite the background crowd noise -- about the concept, how it came to fruition and where he hopes to take it.

TREXA Enertube Electric Drive Photos

Trexa Enertube electric drive

Trexa Enertube electric drive

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Published: 28-Dec-2011


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