How LAX's Short-lived Electric Shuttle Came About

Except from EX Expo 2012 presentation

By EV World Video

Sam Smith has a wealth of experience from being an U.S. Air Force fighter pilot to working in the Pentagon to Vice President of Sales for Electrosource, a now shuttered advanced lead-acid battery maker. Today, he is the managing partner of EV World & Associates, LLC who works with EV start-ups and communities to assist in the transition to electric-powered transportation systems.

In this opening excerpt from his far longer presentation during the inaugural EV Expo 2012, he discusses the launch of the short-lived electric airport shuttle service at Los Angeles International Airport. Based on the Chrysler minivan, the service demonstrated that even using advanced lead-acid batteries, it was possible for operate a successful passenger shuttle service into and out of one of the world's busiest airports.

Watch for upcoming excerpts from other presenters at EV Expo 2012 forums.

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Published: 07-Mar-2012


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