EV Expo 2012: Global Review of LEV World

Respected two-wheel electric vehicle industry expert Ed Benjamin addresses EV Forum.

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By his own admission, Ed Benjamin wears three hat. He is the chairman of Light Electric Vehicle Association, an recognized industry consultant and the co-author of the Electric Bikes Worldwide Report, published by long-time EV World supporter Dr. Frank Jamerson.

Benjamin spends much of his time overseas, principally in Asia where there are an estimated 150 million electric bicycles, mopeds and scooters. As he notes in his opening remarks, at just one intersection in Shanghai, some 40,000 two-wheeled vehicles -- at least half of them electrically-powered -- surge through like an endless river from 7:30 AM until 9:30 PM every day. In 2011, he estimates that some 29 million bikes were sold in China alone. If there's a success story in the EV world, its is in the two-wheeled category.

This video is some 10-minutes in length, during which time he talks about the different kinds of two-wheeled bikes and scooters being sold around the world. His full presentation was longer, but due to battery issues, we were, unfortunately not able to record it in its entirety. We trust, this segment will sufficiently wet your appetite of want to learn more.

11-minute introductory excerpt from EV Forum presentation by e-bike expert Ed Benjamin at EV Expo 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

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Published: 08-Mar-2012


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