Dodge Durango Hybrid-electric SUV
The Durango HEV proves there more than one way to skin the hybrid-electric "cat" with its innovative "Through-the-Road" drive system.

EV World Video: We Drive the Durango HEV

How to have too much fun in a sport utility vehicle.

By EV World

This exclusive EV World video is four minutes in length and takes you along for a ride in DaimlerChrysler's prototype "Through-the-road" hybrid electric Dodge Durango. The standard V-8 engine has been replaced with a 360 cubic inch V-6 and a 55kW Seimens electric motor producing an additional 70HP.

The car was part of the Ride&Drive held during EnV 2001 in Southfield, Michigan, June 11-13, 2001 on the campus of Lawrence Technical University. The Durango HEV is currently slated for introduction in 2004 or possibly sooner along with a companion Doge Ram 1500 pickup hybrid-electric that boasts a 20kW generator for powering homesites, campsites, worksites and maybe even remote websites!

The video was shot on a Sony digital video camera and edited on a Apple Macintosh G-4 computer using Final Cut Pro version 1.1.

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Raw digital footage of this and other Ride&Drive vehicles is available for commercial sale. Contact editor@evworld.com for more information.

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Published: 30-Jun-2001


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