EV Conversions: Wayne's Way

EV Blue owner Wayne Alexander shares insights into EV conversion business

By EV World Video

Of the handful of electric car conversion shops in North America, Electric Blue, owned and operated by Wayne Alexander, is near the top of the list of converters in terms of sheer numbers. He estimates that since the mid-1970's he's done more than 400 conversions, nearly 200 of them in the last six years.

During the inaugural EV Expo 2012, held last month in Tampa, Flordia, he shared with workshop attendees some of the 'secrets' of the trade, though as you'll see in this 10-minute clip, not all of them. There are some secrets, like how to adapt a car with an electronically-shifted automatic transmission, to accept an electric drive motor and controller, that he's keeping to himself.

Alexander is known for the speed of his conversions with many taking 10 days or less, and one taking just over two days. He has done enough of them over the years, that he's tuned it to a fine art; his specialty being Chevy S10s and similar light duty trucks.

One thing you'll get out of this clip is that electric drive systems don't have to whimps, as his personal experience with a Warp 11 HV and 10000 watt controller demonstrated by literally twisting the drive shaft into a corkscrew, before snapping off the differential and shearing the yoke.

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Published: 14-Mar-2012


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