Plug In Safety: J1772 Demystified

SAE J1772 expert David Kerzel explains how and why it works

By EV World Video

David Kerzel is an expert in SAE J1772. "J" what? 1772. It's the formal designation of a North American-approved electric car charging standard. It not only defines the shape of the male and female connectors, but more importantly, how the vehicle and the power grid communicate. At the moment, the plugs are seriously over-priced, but the safety aspects of the protocol are not to be so easily dismissed.

In this two-part presentation delivered at EV Expo 2012 in Tampa, Kerzel goes over the basics of electric car charging safety, especially the confusion around the necessity of the J1772 standard. The focus is not only on owner safety in charging their production electric cars, but also for individuals looking to do their own EV conversions. Kerzel has a side business where he produces J1772 relevant components for converters, and we will feature an interview with him about that business in the future.

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UPDATE 28 March 2012: David Kerzel's Powerpoint presentation is now available on the EV Expo Web site. Click here to download the PPTX file

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Published: 20-Mar-2012


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