Richard Lowenthal with U.S. Energy Department Secretary Steven Chu in the background
Richard Lowenthal, the co-founder and CTO of Coulomb Technologies with Director of Aviation Deborah Ale Flint from Oakland Airport at opening of charging station.

Richard Lowenthal on an EV World

Coulomb Technologies Founder and CEO talks with NeC3 EV Working Group

By EV World Audio

I cannot count on one hand the number of places you can publicly recharge an electric vehicle in Omaha using an AC Level II charger like that produced by Coulomb Technologies, because there isn't any. Apart from a handful of common, weatherproof 110V outlets in the parking lot of the U.S. Park Service building along the river front, there is no public charging infrastructure in this town, which I call my home; none, zero, zip. That fact doesn't do a lot to bolster citizen confidence in an EV world.

The EV Working Group of the newly formed Nebraska Clean Cities Coalition wants to fix this, ASAP. Made up of individuals from our public utilities, state university, as well as the private sector, including me, as EV World's publisher, we are formulating a plan to create a network of EVSE nodes starting with some of the city's largest and most visible corporations. We'll tell you more as the project -- what I am tentatively calling e-OMAHA -- starts to gain traction.

To help jumpstart the effort, Coulomb Technologies' co-founder and CTO, Richard Lowenthal took more than an hour of his time to talk this week via telephone conference call about the vision of his company and the Electrification Coalition, which he helped cofound, in encouraging the deployment of EVs across America, Omaha being the quintessential conservative heartland community, as well as home to some of the more well-known corporations: Conagra, Mutual of Omaha, Union Pacific, Berkshire Hathaway, Omaha Steaks.

We recorded Mr. Lowenthals' remarks, which are divided into three MP3 files that you can either listen to via the embedded MP3 players in the right-hand column or download to your computer to playback or transfer to your favorite MP3 device. He has come very informative things to say, including insights into what the company's business model is that we found enlightening.

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Published: 22-Mar-2012


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