Plugging In Florida

Building out the second largest EV charging network in America

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Florida is an ideal location for electric cars. It's climate is moderate, with few days of freezing weather. Its terrain is quite flat, placing even less demands on electric car batteries for climbing hills. But despite these advantages, the state lagged far behind California in terms of electric cars and their supporting charging infrastructure.

That situation began to change rather rapidly when Floridian Helda Rodriquez, an early investor in Coulomb Technologies, launched NovaCharge, which became the distributor for California Level I/II charger manufacturer and network developer in the U.S. southeast region, including Ms. Rodriquez home state, starting with the most popular tourist destination in Florida: Orlando.

Her company was selected as part of a U.S. Department of Energy grant called ChargePoint America, enabling Orlando to receive some 200 of the 4,600 chargers being allocated in nine cities and regions across the country from Redmond, Washington to Washington, D.C.

As January 1, 2012, there are 121 charging stations delayed in the Orlando area and 74 around Tampa Bay. By the end of February, the community is on schedule to have some 200 units in operation.

This video is covers the first 15 minutes of her nearly hour-long talk.

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Published: 10-Apr-2012


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