EVs and the Media: What You Need to Know

Respected journalist and author Jim Motavalli shares his insights

By EV World Video

Jim Motavalli is one of the most prolific journalist/blogger/authors out there when it come to alternative energy and electric vehicles. Besides appearing on the New York Times and Mother Earth Network web sites, he also does television and radio. Suffice it to say, he has a nose for news and in this hour-long talk at the 2012 EV Expo, held in Tampa, Florida earlier this year, he shared his insights into how the media -- a general term for radio, television, print, and now the Internet -- works and how the EV world can work with it to get out its message, especially at a time when there is a lot of negative reports appearing for both legitimate, as well as questionable purposes.

In this 15-minute excerpt from his longer talk, he explains much of the inner workings of each media form, citing the example of the every-resilient 'air car,' which like cicadas, regularly reappears in the media, where unwitting reporters, who don't bother to do much, if any, fact checking, issue enthralled accounts of this wonderful "new" green technology. Television reporters are especially susceptible to this because cars make for good video, especially when they are moving, and especially if they are perceived to be 'green.'

Here is some of what you need to know about how to interest the media, all branches and tribes of it, in your project. Enjoy.

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Published: 08-May-2012


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