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EV World Dialogue with ecoSolargy's Alan Lee

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A dramatic testament to the change in the cost of solar electric, also known as photovoltaic, systems can be seen on the wall behind ecoSolargy General Manager Alan H. Lee. Not that long ago, those panels sold for $5 per watt. Today they are close to just $1.

In fact, if you include federal, state and any local incentives, solar is now considered at parity with the grid, Lee explains in this three-part Skype video interview with EV World's publisher, Bill Moore. Lee points out in part two that the payback on solar once stretched out to 8 to 12 years. Now it's down to around 3 years in many instances and 7-8 years, at most, depending on where factors like local utility rates, amount of sunshine annually, and incentives like tradable Solar Renewable Energy Credits or S-RECs.

ecoSolargy, Inc. began life as a Chinese solar panel manufacturer, one of many on the mainland. Four years ago, it came to the U.S.A., locating in Irvine, California. As the market evolved, its business model changed from being an importer and wholesale distributor to an integrated system supplier and project funder, helping small businesses get into the solar installation 'game' by also providing training, as well as components from panels to racking systems to inverters provided by partner companies like DPW and Sollega for rack systems and Kaco, Advanced Energy and Siemens for inverters, which turn solar DC into grid-compatible AC current.

While the industry is expected to slide into a slump over the next year or so, Lee is confident it will resume its explosive growth. This video is in three segments and is some 24-minutes in length.

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Published: 20-Jun-2012


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