Arthur Porcari in his home office
Arthur Porcari in his home office, surrounded by Oriental art.

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Art Porcari shares his insights into a small, innovative Chinese carmaker

By Bill Moore

EV World Insider Illustrated edition 12.30 offers additional insights into KNDI's V2G strategy.

You have but to survey Arthur Porcari's home office to appreciate that he has an abiding interest in Asia, China in particular, which might explain, at least in part, he's keenly interested in a under-appreciated stock traded on the Nasdaq called Kandi Technologies (KNDI).

While much of the attention on the Chinese auto market has been focused on BYD because of Berkshire Hathaway's stake in the Shenzhen-based automotive-battery- solar panel conglomerate, Porcari and a group of like-minded investors have placed their bets on KNDI, which began life as a recreational ATV and go-kart manufacturer, but is rapidly transforming itself into a car company with a really good ideas about how to solve the EV deployment conundrum.

Porcari has a long history in the investment industry, having run his own brokerage and market maker business. Now he manages his personal portfolio of several heavily-researched stocks, one of them KNDI. He, along with Taiwan-based Marc Talloen, probably know more about the company than most Westerners. Porcari recently had the opportunity to attend a shareholder meeting in Atlanta with the company founder, Mr. Xiao Ming Hu, during which Hu talked about where the company is headed, especially its 20,000 electric car leasing program just now getting underway in the city of Hangzhou.

Porcari graciously took nearly an hour of his time to share what he learned at the Atlanta meeting, as well as his months of research and monitoring the company, which includes having visited their headquarters in China.

What is compelling about Kandi isn't just the scope of its operations and future plans, which includes an ambitious 100,000 EV carshare program -- the biggest in the world -- but the systematic approach of melding both personal mobility and sustainable energy distribution. It's the first fully-integrated vehicle-to-grid program EV World is aware of, and it may become the model for future electric vehicle deployments across the developing world, and perhaps, someday, even in the West.

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Kandi's carshare rental tower plus two future concept EVs that will be part of the system

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Published: 10-Sep-2012


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