Remco Meulendijk rendering of a future Tesla Model E

Is This What Tesla's 'Model E' Will Look Like?

Designer Remco Meulendijk Conjures Up His Vision of Tesla's Mass Market Electric Car

By EV World Editorial Team

Let's be perfectly clear from the get-go. Only the folks at Tesla know what their mass market follow-on to the Model S and forthcoming Model X will look like, and they aren't telling anyone just yet. So the two computer renderings you see here are purely speculative. They are the brilliant work of designer Remco Meulendijk. He's made some educated guesses on what Elon Musk's $35-40,000, 200-mile range 'Consumer Class' car might look like when Tesla does pull off the wraps.

He's given it a distinctly Tesla front end, while tweaking the rest of the car into a smaller luxury class floor plan in the spirit of similar class vehicles from Audi, BMW 3-Series and Jaguar. He's calling it the Model E, but in truth, we don't know what Tesla will end up calling the car. Thanks to InsideEVs we know both Ford and Tesla have filed to trademark 'Model E.' It's also been suggested the third car in Tesla's product lineup could also be called the 'Model C' for 'consumer.'

This much we can say, if the real deal ends up looking anything like Remco's version, it's going to be one hot seller.

Remco Meulendijk rendering of a future Tesla Model E

With our apologies to Mr. Meulendijk, we did a little photoshopping of our own and removed the distracting wordpress wording from the side of the car. This design is just too beautiful to clutter up with a URL. to his website: DesignRM.Wordpress.com.

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Published: 09-Mar-2014


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