Nissan Hypermini at EnV 2001
Nissan Hypermini concept vehicles like this one are being tested by various California communities. Nissan says it has no plans for mass production,however.

Hypermini Finds Utility Niche

Terry Brungard, Engineer of Electric Transportation, LADWP

By EV World

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has more than 100 electric vehicles in its motor pool. According to Terry Brungard, they are filling important service niches within the utility, which serves most of the Los Angelese metropolitan area.

One of those vehicles is the diminuitive Nissan Hypermini electric "city" vehicle. LADWP is using the two passenger vehicle for maintenance and security roles at several of its facilities in and around Los Angeles. In this 12:47 minute-long RealAudio presentation, Brungard talks about the California energy crisis and the advantages and short-comings of the Hypermini.

To hear the rest of his remarks, click the Interview links at the right. You will need the free Real Player plugin in order to listen to rest of his comments.

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Published: 18-Aug-2001


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