Lido NEV
Lee Iacocca's next venture into electric vehicles, the Lido NEV, offers both style and function in a proven platform. Photos courtesy of Golfcarcatalog.com.

Lee's Lido Debuts

EV World's first look at the new Lido NEV

By EV World

Following on the successful launch of his E-Bike business, 77 year-old Lee Iacocca has just taken the next step in his master plan to convert America to electric vehicles with the launch of Lido Motors USA and the introduction of the Lido neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV).

Developed as a collaboration between Iacocca and Scott Stevens, the owner of Western Golf Cars, the Lido brings both style and practicality to the nascent NEV marketplace.

The Lido begins life as a basic EZ-Go golf car chassis that is modified at Western Golf Cars in Desert Hot Springs, California to meet NHTSA Rule 500 regulations for low speed vehicles. An automotive-grade safety glass or polycarbonate windshield is installed, along with headlights, tail lights, seat-belts and other safety features that enable the vehicle to operate safely at its top speed of 25 mph on streets with a maximum speed limit of 35 mph.

According to Golfcarcatalog.com the Lido has a flat terrain range of about 40 miles and hilly terrain range of slightly over 30 on a single charge. The battery pack is rated at 48 volts and the vehicle is propelled by an advanced DC motor and custom-built Curtis controller.

The vehicle can operate on the golf course or on neighborhood streets. It is intended, as are the handful of other NEVs now on the market or soon to appear, as a run-about in gated and retirement communities, as well as business and educational campus settings.

Lido Wagon NEV Lido NEV shown here in "Wagon" version. Photo courtesy of Golfcarcatalog.com

Lido sports a lockable storage area under the front hood, which bears a certain resemblance to DaimlerChrysler's popular PT Cruiser. There is also a detachable "trunk" beneath which are golf club bag holders. The Lido will come in a four seat "sedan" and a 2 and a 4 seat "wagon" version. They'll cost from $10,000 to $15,000 a piece depending on the model and accessories ordered.

Golfcarcatalog's publisher, which had a chance to both interview Lido Motors USA president, Bob Holms, and drive the Lido, is very enthusiastic about the vehicle and considers it a possible breakthrough product, though the online catalog company, still considers the NEV market questionable saying, "so far nobody has really made the NEV concept 'click'". Can Lee Iacocca?"

Iacocca's name still has cachet and using a rugged, proven golf car platform from a trusted manufacturer should help sell the product. Time, as with all things temporal, will tell.

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Published: 18-Aug-2001


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