Planet Electric G4 Golf Car
Owners of Planet Electric G4 golf car replaced 85% of their trips around Palm Springs, California in their gasoline vehicles.

Planet Electric Profile

EPRI 2001 presentation.

By Ev World

Planet Electric is one of those small, quiet California manufacturing firms that doesn't make a lot of headlines. Instead, it quietly goes about its business building some of the best performing electric vehicles on the market. We hestitate to call them low-speed EVs because from our brief test drives in 1999, these vehicles can be pretty darn fast for an LSEV.

This is, of course, one reason Rex Dawson, the director of marketing, has become so well acquainted with the folks at the National Highway Safety Administration in Washington, D.C., as he explains during his 14 minute presentation in San Diego.

Beside the G4, the company builds utility EVs, a replica Model T, replica Indy race cars, ATVs, go carts and camera cars for the movie industry, all powered by electric drives. The company web site is: www.planetelectric.com.

To hear the rest of his remarks, click the Interview links at the right. You will need the free Real Player plugin in order to listen to rest of his comments.

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Published: 03-Sep-2001


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