Green Goat Hybrid-electric Yard Switcher
Green Goat rolls out in its new livery. New hybrid-electric yard switcher promises significant fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Railpower's Green Goat

Vancouver, BC firm head butts locomotive emissions.

By EV World

Dubbed the "Green Goat", the remanufactured EMD GP 9 railroad locomotive is rolling proof -- all 140 tons of it -- that it's possible to build an efficient, low emission yard switcher. The company behind the effort is Railpower of Vancouver, British Columbia.

To create the "Green Coat" the company removed all of the diesel engine components from a standard GP 9 locomotive. They completely renovated the locomotive right down to its trucks including adding a number of GP 18 updates.

The most noticeable difference is the "Goat's" new, low hood which encloses a giant bank of lead acid batteries with a total capacity of 1,920 Amp hours and 1000 kW of energy at an impressive 600 volts. These are kept charged by a 2,000 hp microturbine that cuts fuel consumption from 15 to 45% compared to a conventional diesel-only switcher.

The company reports that the "Green Goat" responds " instantly to the commands of the operator." It is also significantly quieter than a normal diesel and requires less maintenance, lowering its life-time operating cost to below that of its competitors.

From an environmental perspective, the "Goat" is a real pacesetter, producing 80-90% fewer emissions.

Railpower's efforts to build cleaner locomotives doesn't stop here. They have CNG-fueled locomotive in the works that has the same operational endurance as its diesel-fueled counterpart. 42 compressed natural gas cylinders fuel a 5,500 hp recuperated, industrial turbine that is 95% cleaner than the diesel version.

The Green Goat goes into operational trials this fall and the company expects to begin accepting orders sometime, thereafter.

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Published: 08-Sep-2001


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