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Inventor's Bible
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Calling All EV Inventors

Radio talk show interview with inventor Ron Docie

By EV World

Here at EV World we regularly receive emails from readers and inventors looking for advice and support for some invention they wish to patent or market. We certainly are sympathetic to their desires, especially those who believe they have come up with ways to make electric vehicles practical or more affordable.

While EV World has neither the technical expertise nor financial resources to help inventors bring their ideas to the market, we thought we could help in some small way by pointing them to an interview conducted by talk show host Laura Lee with Ron Docie, the author of The Inventor's Bible. To listen to the one hour-long interview, which includes a lot of valuable advice and insight for inventors, you will need Microsoft's Windows Media Player. Click the link below to start the interview.

Ron Docie Interview with Laura Lee

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Published: 29-Sep-2001


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