The EVs of Sacramento

A quick photo glimpse of EVs at the 2001 Electric Transportation Industry Conference.

By Bill Moore

We've got lots to report from Sacramento, site of EVAA's Electric Transportation Industry Conference & Exposition held December 12-14,2001. We have world-exclusive video of carmaker press conferences, the California Fuel Cell Partnership Ride & Drive, plus complete audio coverage of the UC Davis Fuel Cell Workshop and the EVAA conference plenary sessions.

We present here just an appetizer of what was, in many attendees opinions including EV World, the best EVAA annual conference to-date. So, be sure to visit EV World every week as we bring this exciting information to our readers, viewers and listeners.

Tango EV
EV purists will think they've died and gone to heaven if they ever gets their hands on the Tango. Just 38 inches wide and 8 feet long -- about the same as the MCC Smart -- this tanden two-seater will do 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds! It's patented low center of gravity design will prevent it from rollover up to 50 degrees. Photo courtesy of

E-Motion Smart
Based on MCC's smart sold in Europe, Atlanta-based E-Motion Mobility will use this EV conversion as the basis of the most ambitious station/car share program yet conceived. Subscribers will be able to use these vehicles to run errands and commute for as little at $155/month.

The big news from Toyota is their decision to offer the RAV4 EV for sale to the retail marketplace in California. The sticker price will be about $42,000, but with state and federal incentives the final cost should be about $30,000. The 4 passenger battery EV will also be available for lease. (Video of official announcement coming soon).

Hybrid-Electric Diesel Sportscar
What began as a computer design exercise at San Diego State University has matured into a sprite little two-seat, hybrid-electric diesel that Associate Professor Jim Burns claims gets an amazing 84 mpg. Watch for future interview.

DaimlerChrylser Natrium
As part of an ongoing effort to explore various ways to make and store hydrogen inexpensively, DaimlerChrysler installed a Millennium Cell borohydride system on one of its EPIC electric minivans. The system has many advantages including safety, recycle-ability and range comparable to conventional gasoline minivan. Foreground is NECAR fuel cell A-Class powered by compressed hydrogen. Natrium minivan shrouded in background. Exclusive EV World video of official announcement coming soon.

V2G Beetle
It might look like a conventional VW Beetle, but this AC Propulsion conversion for Volkwagen is distinctly different. It not only boasts AC Propulsion's exciting, high performance drive, but this vehicle can send electricity both ways, to and from the grid as one of the first experiments in vehicle-to-grid charging originally proposed by Willet Kempton and his colleagues.

Last Sparrow I
Kit Moreland of Moreland Motors, San Carlos brought to Sacramento one of the last of the Corbin Sparrow I's. He parked it outside the conference center in hopes of attracting the attention of conference attendees. It worked in EV World's case. Some two hundred plus single-seat Sparrows have been built, but will shortly be replaced with the newer Sparrow II.

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Published: 16-Dec-2001


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