Emotion smart EV & MARTA train
Popular in Europe, MCC's two-passenger smart will be converted to electric drive at new conversion facility in southeast Georgia.

Atlanta Gets SMART

Former SCAT director John Wilson is pursuing his dream of creating the nation's largest car share program.

By EV World

The City of Atlanta, Georgia is the victim of its own success. Its energetic economy and mild climate has attracted millions of people, but at a price. Every day the citizens of Atlanta drive more than 112 million passenger miles, while spending 5 hours a week stuck in traffic. As a direct consequence, Atlanta's air quality has seriously deteriorated to the point that federal government has threatened to cut off highway funds unless the city takes action to correct the problem.

As the former director of the Southern Coalition for Advanced Transportation (SCAT) based in Atlanta, John Wilson is not only keenly aware of the problem but he is also convinced he has one possible solution: a combination car share/station car program centered around DaimlerChrysler's MCC smart. With the financial backing of Don Panoz, a successful entrepreneur who has recently come to dominate both the European and American racing scenes, Wilson's Emotion Mobility plans to convert the normally gasoline engine-powered smart into a zero-emission battery electric commuter car.

Wilson explained his vision and his plans during the Electric Transportation Industry Conference in Sacramento earlier this month. His company also produced a short video that also gives additional details about the concept. EV World converted it to both Real Player and QuickTime streaming formats. You may listen to these presentations by clicking the links below.

And to forestall any emails from would-be electric smart buyers, Wilson emphasized to EV World that all of the vehicles he brings to the US and converts to electric drive will only be used in the Emotion Mobility program. They will not be for sale to the general public, either in Atlanta or elsewhere in the North America. If you want to drive an EV smart, you'll have to join Emotion's program, which Wilson hopes to eventually introduce in other US regions including California and the Northeast.

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Published: 23-Dec-2001


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