Kylie Minogue poses with Ford StreetKa Roadster

Ford 'Electrifies' European StreetKa

Pop music diva Kylie Minogue lends her considerable presence to Ford StreetKa.

By Bill Moore

When I suggested sometime back that Ford of Europe consider electrifying the sexy StreetKa concept vehicle, Kylie Minogue wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Archived Article.

At the time, Ford of Europe has been experimenting with lithium-ion batteries in the popular Ka, sold only in Europe. They achieved some pretty promising results, which we reported in EV World. However, while doing my research, I discoverd the StreetKa, designed by David Wilkie of Ford's Turin-based Ghia Design Studio. Back then I suggested that Ford should have made it the electric version instead of the somewhat more plebian Ka.

Then today, I discovered this provocative photo on Ford's Media web site while looking for the latest photographs of the Ford Focus fuel cell hybrid to illustrate my interview with John Wallace.

It seems Ford of Europe is sponsoring Ms. Minogue's 2002 European "Fever" tour that starts late this month in Cardiff, Wales and ends June 20th in Barcelona, Spain. In exchange, Ms. Minogue is posing with the StreetKa as part of a European-wide media blitz prior to the 2003 introduction of the hot little gasoline-engined roadster. According to Earl Hesterberg, Ford of Europe's vice president for Marketing, Sales and Service, the StreetKa and the diva have much in common. "They are both small, beautiful and stylish."

Sadly, there are currently no plans to offer the StreetKa, either in an EV or gasoline version in North America. As Martin Leach, Ford of Europe’s vice president of product development, said, "It's a case of looking, but not touching."

And yes, I suppose we're guilty of "sexual exploitation" but, hey, when was the last time you saw a pretty face and a nice figure on EV World?

Remy... eat your heart out!

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Published: 05-Apr-2002


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