James Woolsey, Clean Cities 20002
Woolsey sees biomass fuels as the only viable alternative fuel option open to America as a potential replacement for petroleum.

James Woolsey Speaks Out

Former director of Central Intelligence Agency addresses 2002 Clean Cities conference.

By EV World.Com

It's not often that I get to meet, let along listen to a former director of one of the most revered or vilified spy agencies in the world, depending on your point of view. James Woolsey no longer heads "the agency," but he still has his very strong opinions about the troubled world in which we live, the root causes of terrorism and what America should be doing about it. He shared those views with some 700 participants in the 8th annual National Clean Cities Conference in Oklahoma City, May 13, 2002. Read EVWorld's conference review

EV World was privileged to record his formal remarks, as well as those of Oklahoma governor Frank Keating. The governor not only introduced Woolsey, but also took time to welcome the conference visitors and give them some background on his state's efforts to shift more towards alternative fuels, especially natural gas and propane, which the state has in abundance.
Governor Frank Keating

You can listen to both men's remarks in their entirety by clicking the audio links at the top of the right hand column. Woolsey's remarks are Audio 1 and Keatings are Audio 2.

You will need a sound card in your computer and either RealPlayer or Windows MediaPlayer to listen to their presentations. We especially encourage you to listen to Woolsey's sobering assessment of America's energy dilemma and what he sees as the only viable way out.

We wish to thank the kind folks that make up the Clean Cities program, both at the federal, state and local level; and especially the great people of Oklahoma for putting on a wonderful conference and allowing EV World to participate.

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Published: 25-May-2002


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